The Galati Company Car rental with driver (NCC) is an activity aimed at transporting people who, with adequate notice, guarantee the TAXI service.

Transfer Airport Station

As far as transfers to airports / stations, minitours and classic urban taxis are concerned, the reservation being remittance services is done by telephone, email, or by going directly to our office in Santa Maria di Leuca and for customers known also through What's App

It indicates the destination to be reached and the exact number of people and the price is agreed during the booking, and includes 3 passengers VAT any delays, motorway tolls and loading / unloading luggage and it is possible to transport only small animals in a special cage, moreover the customer is loaded and downloaded at home

Taxi services with more than 3 people, night taxis "22: 30-06: 30" and the load of any bicycles disassembled in the front wheel by the customer are subject to charges.

Minitour Salento

We offer a tour of the most famous places of Salento: Santa Maria di Leuca, Pescoluse, Gallipoli, Torre San Giovanni, Marina Serra, Otranto.




Valle D'Itria

We offer a tour of the most characteristic places of Valle D'Itria: Alberobello, Locorotondo, Polignano and Cisternino



Polignano a mare

Accompaniment of guest delegations